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    Our members are in over 90 countries. So join our global Herbalife Distributor Club today - Become a member today! (No obligation to sell) Just take advantage of the discounts!!

    We are offering you a minimum of 25% discount up to a maximum of 42% discount on the WHOLE of the Herbalife range for you to enjoy at your leisure, purchase for yourself, friends or family, whatever you wish.

    To become a member or Herbalife distributor you need to register with Herbalife and buy a Members Pack. Once you are registered you'll be able to purchase Herbalife products at a discounted price, starting with 25% discount regardless how often you order. NO COMMITMENTS!

    Products included in your welcome pack:
    (Products dependent on Country)

    • Formula 1 Vanilla
    • Tote Bag
    • Everything you need to get started


    For your convenience you will be able to place your orders:

    • Directly from the Herbalife website with your ID number.
    • By calling Distributor Service (Order Placement & Distributor Relations).

    Discounts are on all range of Herbalife products including weight loss, targeted nutrition, personal care/cosmetics and more.

    You are NOT obligated to become an active Member and sell Herbalife products but you may find this option attractive later in your life.

    You will need to following to complete your online registration -

    1) Sponsor's Herbalife ID - 07Y0011671
    2) First 3 letters of sponsor's last name - LAY

    To Sign Up Online please click below -

    Herbalife UK UK - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    USA Herbalife Member Sign Up USA - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Canada Herbalife Sign Up CANADA - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Australia Herbalife Sign Up AUSTRALIA - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Croatia Herbalife Online Sign Up CROATIA - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Herbalife South Africa SOUTH AFRICA - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Herbalife Turkey Sign Up TURKEY - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Herbalife Poland Sign Up POLAND - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

    Herbalife Singapore SINGAPORE - SIGN UP ONLINE NOW

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