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    We are helping people all over the world get fantastic weight loss results. Our 30 years plus experience can help you too with Herbalife products, weight loss tips and more.

    There are many fantastic results from all over the world, thousands and thousands of people who lost weight quickly by sticking to the very simple Herbalife weight loss plan.

    How does Herbalife work?

    If you are here, chances are you have tried to lose weight before and are not fully satisfied with the results you may have achieved. You might have tried some miracle weight loss pill, that vibrating belt that helps you get amazing abs while you watch TV.... I know many on our team did. The bottom line is - we all know in our heart of hearts that there is only one way to lose weight successfully - is to eat better. This might seem like a daunting task at first as there are so many diets, so many “proven” methods to lose weight, so many things to watch out for, so many magazine covers that brandish some “new weight loss secret!!!”. At times, it feels that it might be easier to become an astronaut than to learn how to lose weight.

    The truth is that there is no “secret”. To achieve great and fast weight loss results, we just have to pay more attention to our meals. So how does Herbalife work? Very simply, by providing you with those low calorie, healthy meals so you dont have to resort to unhealthy options. Herbalife meals are ready in seconds, contain loads of vitamins and minerals, are absolutely delicious and keep you full with only 220kcal per meal. Thats about 1/5 of that McDonald’s menu!

    Is Herbalife Good?

    All Herbalife products are made with the strictest quality and health standards in mind, and as such are a fantastic way to help you reduce weight in a fast and healthy way. The Formula 1 shake, the most famous Herbalife product since 1980, is packed full of vitamins, minerals, proteins and is made to be the perfect, balanced, low calorie meal providing you with all the key nutrients you need during the day. In a sentence - all the nutrients, none of the calories and fats. Your perfect healthy meal.

    Many people report having more energy, feeling better and being in a better mood when they start one of Herbalife’s weight loss programmes. This is no magic - our bodies are amazing constructs, and when they start getting all the nutrients they need, everything in us and on us just functions better. Herbalife works by making us healthier by providing all the key nutrients our body needs at only a fraction of the calories that most ready-made meals have.

    How can you lose weight with Herbalife?

    Just replace 2 meals a day with healthy, low calorie shakes. You can find more information about specific daily plans on this page. For example, replace breakfast and dinner with a Herbalife Formula 1 shake, and have a normal lunch. You can even have small snacks in between the main meals so you don’t feel hungry. To find more information regarding specific meal plans, check out our meal plan page.

    There are of course plenty of ways to lose weight, many diets, tips and meal plans. The strength of Herbalife’s weight loss programs is that it takes away the difficulty and the stress of planning your day ahead and worrying what you will eat. At the end of the day, most of us know what we should and we shouldn’t eat, but the problem is most often in the execution. People have achieved great results with the Atkins diet or similar programs, but Herbalife is just - easier. Change 2 meals, 1 regular meal, and 2 snacks. That’s it - it’s really quite simple, and that is the reason that Herbalife programmes give people such great results. You don’t have to worry about planning your meals a 2 days in advance, you don’t have to scour expensive niche groceries to find some special food; you just eat the delicious meals you always have on hand.

    There are many Herbalife success stories around the world, and you can find more information about them here. If you are wondering if Herbalife does work, you can go to this page and find more information and see some Herbalife testimonials.

    Herbalife & Health

    Over the 35 years that Herbalife has been around, many people have noticed a strong link between Herbalife products and quick weight loss.

    Herbalife is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a healthy, low calorie alternative to fatty and calorie rich foods that have sadly become part of our daily diets. Herbalife is safe, natural and healthy, and you can be sure that with each Herbalife meal you are getting all the nutrients your body needs to function at its best, while only taking in a fraction of the calories. There are no side effects from Herbalife’s products, simply because Herbalife is food - not medicine.

    Let’s go through Herbalife’s most famous product, the Formula 1 shake, and see what is in there. Is Herbalife good for you?

    One Herbalife shake contains:
    - 25% of your daily Vitamin A allowance
    - 25% of your daily Vitamin C allowance
    - 8% of your daily Calcium allowance
    - 15% of your daily Iron allowance
    - 25% of your daily Vitamin D allowance
    - 25% of your daily Tihamin allowance
    - 20% of your daily Vitamin B12 allowance
    - 20% of your daily folic acid allowance

    Every Herbalife meal is made to the highest health and quality standards and made with ingredients that are great for your health. So what are the real Herbalife side effects? Feeling better and losing fat. All Herbalife ingredients are tested, quality controlled and re-tested, so that only the best quality low calorie meals find their way into your shaker or blender.