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    80% Nutrition and 20% Exercise*

    Five smaller meals can be better than three larger ones. Eating small healthy meals more often can help you eat sensibly throughout the day and ensure you don’t become distracted by hunger pangs.

    These meal plans are suggestions only based on average values and are not designed for people under 18 years old, breast feeding or pregnant women.

    Before beginning any weight management programme, it is advisable to consult a physician. A healthy weight management programme should include moderate caloric intake, balanced diet and regular physical activity.

    * If you are new to exercise start slowly and build up gradually. Consult a qualified strength trainer for a muscle gain programme

    ** For weight control: Substituting two meals with meal replacements as part of an energy restricted diet, contributes to weight loss. Replace two meals

    per day with a delicious F1 shake and eat one nutritious meal.

    *** For healthy nutrition and weight maintenance: Substituting one daily meal with a meal replacement as part of an energy restricted diet, contributes to the maintenance of weight, after weight loss. Replace one meal per day with delicious F1 shake and eat two nutritious meals.